D19 Price Curve Semi-D Landed (FH & 999) - Updated May 2017 - 24 May 2017

** Latest PSF Prices for District 19 Landed **

The first 2 quarters of this year (2017) show a relatively sideway movement in PSF prices of landed semi-Ds in District 19.  In fact, if you look at the price curve for average PSF prices, it has remained constant and has stayed between $1,000-1,100 psf for six quarters in a row.   

The volume of transactions shows a healthy volume, but still nowhere near the peak period of 100-160 transactions annually between 2010 to 2012. 

2010: 159
2011: 108
2012: 111
2013: 59
2014: 35
2015: 58
2016: 47
2017: 21 (first 2 quarters, to date)

The price curve includes only PSF prices for freehold/999-year landed semi-detached houses only.  The original source data includes PSF price of cluster (or strata landed) houses, but we have remove these eroneous data point because it may skew the overall price trend depending the number of cluster houses being transacted in that month or quarter.