Koi Fish Moving House!

You are a koi lover, and you have a beautiful collection of your koi fishes in your house.  
And you are planning to move to another landed property.  And your precious koi fishes will too move to their new koi pond at your new landed home.  
Do you know what a house-moving for the koi fishes will be like?  
This video will help you understand the process.  
For landed owner who needs to vacate your current landed property for renovation, A&A or rebuilt of your house, the move of your fishes will be similar, except you will have to house them in a temporary koi farm, much like a service apartment, while you carry out the renovation of your house.

This video will show you what the whole process is like:
First, they will pump out some water out of the pond to reduce the water level.
Temporary structures will be placed at parts of the pond to direct the fish to the catch area.
The specialist will use a net to scoop the fish, then put them into a longish PVC bag so that the fish can be transported safely to a aerated holding container on the truck.
Finally the koi will be transported to a temporary koi farm.

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